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Calling It Quits: When to Pull the Plug on an Art Project

Experienced artists know that not all projects work out. Maybe the concept was ill-conceived, the technique was inappropriate or too advanced, the materials were all wrong, or the artist’s heart was never in it. Whatever the reason, most artists have had to scrap more than a few projects over the course of their careers. […]

Forming an Art Club

Some of your students may be more passionate about art than others. You know…the ones who show up while you’re still setting up and the ones you have to scoot out the door 10 minutes after the bell rings? An after-school art club is the perfect place for these passionate student artists to try […]

An Art Teacher’s Gift of Gratitude

This holiday you’re sure to receive all kinds of gifts from your students. But there are other gifts that art teachers receive year-round, and the holidays are a great time to stop and take stock of all that we have to be grateful for, like: That Aha Moment – Seeing a concept click for […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Art Room Clean

The art room can feel like a crazy place, but that’s part of why you love it, right? Still, with the number of different kids you get to work with and the range of projects you get to teach them, it can be a lot to keep track of. Luckily, with a good system, you’ll […]

Tried & True Tips – March 2017

March is fun filled, with Youth Art Month, women in History Month, St. Patrick’s Day and, for many of us, spring break. This is a good time to start spring-cleaning in your classroom and start taking inventory of what you have and what you need. This month we will focus on some spring organization […]

6 Tips to Recharge Over Winter Break

Whether you’re on a year-round or traditional schedule, by the time winter break rolls around, you’re ready. Not only are the days shorter and colder, but you’ve given your all to your art students, parents, and admin for months and now it’s finally your turn to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate. 6 Winter Break Relaxation […]

Tried & True Tips – December 2016

Happy December! I know that we are all ready for our winter break to celebrate, and relax, rejuvenate, and start planning some great lessons for the new year. This month we will focus on textures, mixed media, and fiber arts. Knowing that fibers and fabrics have always had a purpose in every culture, we […]

10 Ways to Revive Tired Lesson Plans

If you’ve got a great lesson plan in need of a modern makeover, check out our tips below for breathing new life into old lesson plans. 1. Check the latest curriculum requirements and national and state standards to see if your favorite lesson still makes the cut. 2. Can you tie your lesson plan […]

2020 School Specialty Crystal Apple Award Winners

Teachers and their students work hard to grow and learn together every year. That’s what inspired us to create the Crystal Apple award. It’s our chance to recognize and reward all the transformational efforts teachers and their classrooms make. This year, at a time when we see teachers and classrooms coming together in innovative […]

2019 School Specialty Honor Roll Winners

Every year teachers and their students work hard to grow and learn. The School Specialty Honor Roll is an annual opportunity to recognize and reward some of the incredibly resilient, kind, and talented students and teachers in our communities. 2019 School Specialty Honor Roll Winning Entries This year’s nominated teachers and students were incredibly […]