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How Smart School Design Promotes Teacher Wellness

The pandemic has taken a big toll on students’ mental health, and so it’s no surprise that student wellness is a top concern among K-12 leaders. But what about the teachers, paraprofessionals, and other support staff who are tasked with educating students every day? COVID has been just as hard on their mental health […]

2020 School Specialty Crystal Apple Award Winners

Teachers and their students work hard to grow and learn together every year. That’s what inspired us to create the Crystal Apple award. It’s our chance to recognize and reward all the transformational efforts teachers and their classrooms make. This year, at a time when we see teachers and classrooms coming together in innovative […]

Starting a Teaching Job Mid-Year: What to Do Over Winter Break

The new semester is starting soon, and for freshly hired teachers, this means that it’s time to get everything ready before the storm hits. Not only will you be starting that first day without knowing the kids in your class, but you’ll be getting used to a new classroom space, building, and school culture. […]

Things I Learned After Teaching for 5 Years

The first year of teaching is the longest and shortest year of your life. It’s the best and the worst. It’s the most memorable, but also the one you may want to forget the most. I want to talk about what I learned my first five years of teaching and how I have grown […]

10 Reasons NOT to Do School Work During Winter Break

Even when winter break comes, most teachers still have a pile of work to complete. Working through your breaks can drain your energy for the rest of the school year. Here are ten reasons you shouldn’t work through your winter break. 10 Reasons to Put Work Aside Over Winter Break When you’re considering taking out […]

Preparing for a Great School Year

While kids and parents are relaxing through the last days of summer, teachers are back to work, preparing their classrooms, lesson plans, and trying to make everything ready for the start of the school year. For new teachers and experienced alike, this is a stressful time but there are four easy steps to ensuring […]

7 Survival Tips for Summer School

Summer school can be an overwhelming or frustrating undertaking for educators facing disengaged students. Use these 7 survival tips to get ready and prepare students for a summer of growth and learning. 7 Ways to Make Summer School More Engaging These 7 tips might not be groundbreaking, but keeping stress levels low and boosting […]

Planning Your Summer Vacation

Summer’s almost here and that means fun in the sun and free time on your hands! Kids aren’t the only ones who get excited about the idea of long summer days and nothing in particular to do. Working with kids is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have but it can […]

Making Summer School a Positive Experience

If you took a poll everyone would rather be at the pool, however, there are ways to make summer school as valuable an experience as the regular school year can be—in fact, it can be a vital part of success come fall. Use these 4 tips to make this year’s summer school environment a […]

Second Semester Self-Care Tips for Teachers

While you may feel that you have a duty to your students and to other people in your life, it is important to remember this time of year that your mental and physical health should be a priority. See if you’re hitting all the must-do’s on this self-care tips list. Why is Self-Care So […]

How to Find Balance Over Summer Break

Teaching is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a tough job that requires 100 percent of your focus during the school year. And let’s face, that spills over into the summer, too. While it might be a challenge, it’s important for educators to practice self-care during summer break so that the return to […]