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2020 School Specialty Crystal Apple Award Winners

Teachers and their students work hard to grow and learn together every year. That’s what inspired us to create the Crystal Apple award. It’s our chance to recognize and reward all the transformational efforts teachers and their classrooms make. This year, at a time when we see teachers and classrooms coming together in innovative […]

2019 School Specialty Honor Roll Winners

Every year teachers and their students work hard to grow and learn. The School Specialty Honor Roll is an annual opportunity to recognize and reward some of the incredibly resilient, kind, and talented students and teachers in our communities. 2019 School Specialty Honor Roll Winning Entries This year’s nominated teachers and students were incredibly […]

Your Classroom Holiday Wish List

The end of the first semester gives most teachers and students a sense of relief, as there’s a short break before the second semester begins. Getting the classroom ready to take on the rest of the academic year is an important part of returning to school, and we’ve gathered some useful inspiration for ways […]

12 First-Year Teacher Must-Haves

New teachers have a lot to learn, and a lot to buy. Many new teachers go into the first year trying to make sure they have all the important bases covered, and that might be enough, but why not use tips from seasoned veterans? Get your first teaching year under your belt with the […]

Real Teacher Tips for a Cozy, Inviting Classroom

Making a classroom a cozy, comfortable space often starts with a carpeted area and versatile seating options. We asked real life teachers about their cozy classrooms and favorite carpet time activities, and they shared some great ideas with us. Read on and see what other teachers are loving about their cozy classrooms. Teacher Favorite […]

Real Teacher Tips for Classroom Theme Ideas

Setting up your classroom before school starts can be tough if you are out of ideas for a fun theme or color scheme. Luckily, we asked teachers across the country what they are doing with their classrooms this year, and we’ve gathered some of the fun responses here for you to use as inspiration. […]

4 Ways to Stretch your Back-to-School Budget

You’re already on a budget, and asking parents to cover more costs isn’t the best way to start off the year. Use one or more of these frugal shopping tips to stretch your classroom budget and be sure you have everything you need when the first day of school rolls around. Barter You found an […]

How to Find Balance Over Summer Break

Teaching is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a tough job that requires 100 percent of your focus during the school year. And let’s face, that spills over into the summer, too. While it might be a challenge, it’s important for educators to practice self-care during summer break so that the return to […]

How Educators Can Help Stop Summer Slide

On average, teachers spend the first three to six weeks of the new school year reviewing skills lost over summer break. Often, parents are unaware of the effects of summer slide, as illustrated by a 2014 poll by Reading is Fundamental that found only 17 percent of parents think reading should be a top […]