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How to Find Balance Over Summer Break

Teaching is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a tough job that requires 100 percent of your focus during the school year. And let’s face, that spills over into the summer, too. While it might be a challenge, it’s important for educators to practice self-care during summer break so that the return to […]

How Educators Can Help Stop Summer Slide

On average, teachers spend the first three to six weeks of the new school year reviewing skills lost over summer break. Often, parents are unaware of the effects of summer slide, as illustrated by a 2014 poll by Reading is Fundamental that found only 17 percent of parents think reading should be a top […]

Countdown to Summer: Prepping for Fall

Sure, as you finally reach the long-awaited end of the school year, the last thing most teachers want to think about is starting a new one. But not only will your future self thank you for doing a little ahead-of-time legwork, you also might just enjoy your summer break more knowing that you’ve got […]

Enjoy Summer Without Worrying About Classroom Prep

Did you recently wake up and realize that summer break is halfway over? As you regroup and rejuvenate from the previous year, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around the fact that the new school year is only a few or several weeks away. You don’t have to spend the next month and a […]

7 Survival Tips for Summer School

Summer school can be an overwhelming or frustrating undertaking for educators facing disengaged students. Use these 7 survival tips to get ready and prepare students for a summer of growth and learning. 7 Ways to Make Summer School More Engaging These 7 tips might not be groundbreaking, but keeping stress levels low and boosting […]

Ways for Teachers to Relax Over Summer Break

Teachers are now on their well-deserved summer break. The last line of the old kids’ song that begins… “No more pencils, no more books” can easily be altered to include “no more student’s dirty looks.” Have you seen the scowl when you tell a child that you don’t believe the dog ate his homework? Teachers need down […]

11 Things That Make Summer the Best

We all know there are countless reasons why summer is the best… here are just a few: 1. Sunbathing 2. Ice cream 3. Parties 4. Beaches 5. Sunshine 6. Reading 7. Fireworks 8. S’mores 9. Friends 10. Rejuvenation 11. Naps And so much more. How do you plan to make the most out of summer?

Teacher Tools to Defeat Summer Learning Loss

The summer learning loss is real. Research shows that it can cause students to forget 22 percent or more of what they learned over the school year, making a teacher spend a month of review at the beginning of the next year just to get students caught back up. This might seem like the territory of […]

Tried & True Tips – October 2016

By now we are all quite busy with lesson plans, clubs, NJAHS and NAHS on our plates, but there is always time to learn something new. Here are some great tips and ideas about paper and collage and substitute lessons. It’s all in the wrist. The art of paper cutting has been around for […]

Daily Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy All Week Long

Teaching is an incredibly time-consuming job, and sometimes you’re so busy that there’s no time left over for yourself to eat right or get enough exercise. It can leave you totally stressed out. You can’t give your students your best without taking care of yourself, so it’s important to practice some self-care throughout the week — it can’t wait […]

Relaxing Educationally

Summer break is made for relaxing, but many teachers feel guilty that they aren’t spending the time better preparing for the coming school year. Have no fear! Here are the best ways to relax while keeping your activities educational. Traveling – Every destination can broaden the mind if you know how to approach it. […]