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Real Teacher Tips for Classroom Games Students Love

Playing games in the classroom is an excellent way to increase engagement and motivate students to retain information. Prizes aren’t always necessary, and games also help to build relationships between students, which is a win for everyone involved. Check out these real teacher tips for playing classroom games that students love. Classroom Game Suggestions […]

Tried & True Tips – February 2017

The month of February brings you Black History month, Valentine’s day, Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, and President’s Day. And, as with other months, there are quirky celebrations like Kite Flying Day, and National Frozen Yogurt Day (one of my favorites). In February, we also celebrate clay, and everything we can do with it and […]

10 Ways to Enhance Your Lesson Plans with Post-it®

There are endless uses for Post-it® in the classroom, here are ten for you to try today! 1. Pinpoint Map Locations Students use Post-it® Arrow Flags to locate areas from current or historical events on a large world map. Grades 3-8 2. Vocabulary Match Build vocabulary with Post-it® Super Sticky Notes. Grades K-7 3. Bar Graphs Visualize data using a bar […]