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Use the Summer to Rest, Refresh and Regroup

When the school year is over, it’s time to push back and do something for yourself. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t think at all about prepping for the coming term. Just be good to yourself as you go about it. Learn a new skill, explore a new subject, take foreign language classes, enroll […]

7 Survival Tips for Summer School

Summer school can be an overwhelming or frustrating undertaking for educators facing disengaged students. Use these 7 survival tips to get ready and prepare students for a summer of growth and learning. 7 Ways to Make Summer School More Engaging These 7 tips might not be groundbreaking, but keeping stress levels low and boosting […]

Desk Organization Solutions

Most teachers face a common challenge: keeping their desks clean and organized. With all the student work, lesson plan paperwork, and other classroom supplies you deal with on a daily basis, it’s understandable that keeping your desk neat and clutter-free can be a challenge. 5 Ways to Organize Your Teacher’s Desk Fortunately, with a […]

Teacher’s Lounge Wishlist

Teachers don’t get much downtime during the day, but when they have a few extra minutes to relax and enjoy a snack, a well-designed teacher’s lounge can help staff feel appreciated. Here are a few things to consider adding to your school’s teacher’s lounge. A Good Coffee Maker One essential for keeping many teachers […]

What Your Desk Says about Your Teaching Style

The teacher’s desk is arguably the most important part of a teacher’s room. For some, everything has a place and if one thing is moved it will bother them until it is righted. And then there are those who thrive in… shall we say organized chaos. The way a teacher keeps their desk says […]

4 Tips for Managing Stress in an Educator’s World

Teachers are known for their dedication to others, their long hours, and the sacrifices they make every day. While having a humanitarian job may fill you with satisfaction, it doesn’t always make for the most stress-free working environment. Unfortunately, burnout is a serious problem in the educational sphere. If you don’t want that to happen […]

A Harrowing Pumpkin Tale

This time of year is a sensory dream for teachers and therapists, but possibly a sensory nightmare for some of our students. Years ago in a pre-school setting, the teacher, the speech therapist and I (the OT) collaborated weekly on the classroom themes and objectives.  Of course, after a trip to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving was next […]

Regroup, Reorganize, Recharge

Educators have less summer than everyone else in education-if they get a summer at all. That makes time management and prioritization imperative. You simply won’t be able to do everything you want to do, so what takes precedence? To paraphrase the old saying, there are three R’s to the educator’s summer: regroup, reorganize, and […]

Putting Together a School Event Calendar

One of the key preparations for an upcoming school year is laying out the school’s event calendar. It takes a lot of forethought, communication, and sometimes revision. It also comes in many different flavors. Perhaps you’re the “set it and forget it” kind of teacher that sets things up once and leaves them alone. […]

Teacher Tools to Defeat Summer Learning Loss

The summer learning loss is real. Research shows that it can cause students to forget 22 percent or more of what they learned over the school year, making a teacher spend a month of review at the beginning of the next year just to get students caught back up. This might seem like the territory of […]