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12 Summer Break Reactions

Share your reaction! 1. Fist-pump 2. Awkward dancing 3. Hands in the air like you just don’t care 4. #3 while running out the door 5. Go crazy 6. Celebrate with friends 7. Hand wave 8. Raise the roof 9. Teacher bestie freak-out 10. Ended on the right track 11. Nailed the school year 12. Pop bottles However […]

11 Things That Make Summer the Best

We all know there are countless reasons why summer is the best… here are just a few: 1. Sunbathing 2. Ice cream 3. Parties 4. Beaches 5. Sunshine 6. Reading 7. Fireworks 8. S’mores 9. Friends 10. Rejuvenation 11. Naps And so much more. How do you plan to make the most out of summer?

Planning Your Summer Vacation

Summer’s almost here and that means fun in the sun and free time on your hands! Kids aren’t the only ones who get excited about the idea of long summer days and nothing in particular to do. Working with kids is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have but it can […]

Prepping Your Classroom for Summer

Let’s face it; even the most devoted of teachers look forward to summer break. However, one daunting task that can put a damper on an impending break from teaching is that of cleaning out and prepping your classroom for break. Here are five simple, yet effective steps you can follow to prepare your classroom […]

Making Summer School a Positive Experience

If you took a poll everyone would rather be at the pool, however, there are ways to make summer school as valuable an experience as the regular school year can be—in fact, it can be a vital part of success come fall. Use these 4 tips to make this year’s summer school environment a […]

Teacher Tools to Defeat Summer Learning Loss

The summer learning loss is real. Research shows that it can cause students to forget 22 percent or more of what they learned over the school year, making a teacher spend a month of review at the beginning of the next year just to get students caught back up. This might seem like the territory of […]

Tried & True Tips – May 2017

It is May and we are starting to wind down for the year. Every year at this time I start to reflect on what projects were great, which didn’t work so well, and how I did, teaching my students what they should know. Well, so far this year all has gone well from painting […]

Are You a Good Role Model for Your Students When It Comes to Healthy Behaviors?

While parents may be their children’s first role models, teachers and other school staff are also very influential in shaping nutritional and physical activity behaviors of students. From kindergarten through high school, kids typically spend 6+ hours each day, 5 days a week, 180 days a year, at school. With that amount of time, […]

Tried & True Tips – September 2016

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful, exciting, adventurous and/or creative summer. I did and now I’m ready to get back in the swing of things. Every year I come up with a theme for my classroom, and throughout the year I use this theme to incorporate many different art skills, art history […]

Preparing for a Great School Year

While kids and parents are relaxing through the last days of summer, teachers are back to work, preparing their classrooms, lesson plans, and trying to make everything ready for the start of the school year. For new teachers and experienced alike, this is a stressful time but there are four easy steps to ensuring […]

Keeping a Traveling Sketchbook

Whether you’re traveling to exotic places or just to the corner coffee shop, the lazy days of summer offer a dramatic change of pace from the sights and sounds of the school year. From colors and textures to shapes and compositions, capturing the cool things you see in a traveling sketchbook can provide inspiration […]

Tried & True Tips – May 2016

It is almost the end of the school year and now is a great time for us to start cleaning up our rooms. It is also a great time to use all of our “stuff” to create some very expressive three-dimensional art pieces. May is also a wonderful time to make 3-D art so […]