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Inspirational Tools to Beat the Winter Blahs

Winter months are a hard time to stay focused and inspired. With days being shorter it is easy to see where the winter doldrums comes from. It doesn’t help that summer vacation is approaching and everyone is looking forward to days playing the sun. But there are ways to become inspired and get into […]

Daily Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy All Week Long

Teaching is an incredibly time-consuming job, and sometimes you’re so busy that there’s no time left over for yourself to eat right or get enough exercise. It can leave you totally stressed out. You can’t give your students your best without taking care of yourself, so it’s important to practice some self-care throughout the week — it can’t wait […]

Tried & True Tips – January 2016

A new year has begun and I am confident that you all had a restful and or fun-filled winter break. It is back to school now and time to get busy with art business. This month we focus on art history, art appreciation, and multicultural art. As 21st-century learners, our students need to learn […]

Regroup, Reorganize, Recharge

Educators have less summer than everyone else in education-if they get a summer at all. That makes time management and prioritization imperative. You simply won’t be able to do everything you want to do, so what takes precedence? To paraphrase the old saying, there are three R’s to the educator’s summer: regroup, reorganize, and […]

How to Implement a School Reform Plan

We all know colleagues who tend to overreact. Their achievement scores were mediocre or worse, they go to a few conferences or professional development classes over the summer, and drop a reform plan on their teachers with little to no warning. You can imagine what kind of buy-in that approach generates. Every school reaches […]

Scheduling Teachers and Classes – Against the Status Quo

For a profession in which every day is different, teachers can be creatures of habit. Some veterans have been teaching the same preps for a decade or more. And for people who like their schools running like a machine, many administrators don’t see a need to upset the apple cart. Shaking things up is […]

Relaxing Educationally

Summer break is made for relaxing, but many teachers feel guilty that they aren’t spending the time better preparing for the coming school year. Have no fear! Here are the best ways to relax while keeping your activities educational. Traveling – Every destination can broaden the mind if you know how to approach it. […]

You’ve Made It: The Best Resources for New Teachers

The summer before your first year of teaching can be an anxious time. You try to prepare but you’re not sure where to go or what your priorities should be. This list should help. Classroom design The first priority for many new teachers is setting up their classroom. The ideas about what works best […]

Maintaining the Balance: Relaxing vs. Becoming a Better Teacher

Every summer, some teachers start feeling guilty during their relaxation time. Shouldn’t they be planning lessons or studying that new trend to get ready for next year? On the flip side, if they find themselves working too hard over the summer, they get mad at themselves for not taking a break. There are ways […]

The To-Do List: Wrapping Up the School Year

The end of the school year always comes too quickly. You thought you had plenty of time to get things done, but then you look at the calendar and see it’s late May. As you panic, keep this to-do list in mind. Start trashing now There are a few reasons why you would start […]