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Self-Care: It’s Not Just a Theory

Changing Your Perspective Self-care is one of the most important things for personal well-being, yet professionals often report struggling with incorporating self-care in their busy lifestyles. This struggle exists because there are aspects of self-care that get left out. Self-care is believed to be something that is done outside of work or when there […]

Must-Do Relaxation Exercises for Teachers over Winter Break

If you’ve got a few days away from your classroom during the winter months, there are some potentially beneficial exercises to try. They may help to reduce stress levels, give you an opportunity to reflect on successes from the first semester, and prepare yourself for a fresh start when you return. Try one or […]

Tried & True Tips – March 2016

This month we will focus on drawing and color media. My students often have a hard time just drawing, whether it’s free-drawing time or an assignment. This year, my middle-school students started to learn how to do visual journaling in their sketchbooks. For some, it was very hard at first but, now, many of […]