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5 Cost Effective Bulletin Board Tips for Teachers

Your bulletin boards not only set the theme for your classroom, they are valuable teaching tools and kids love to see them change with the seasons. Costs can add up quickly, though, so reusing items you already own (and storing them safely until next year) allows you to stretch your bulletin board budget and […]

Classroom Bulletin Board Tips & Tricks

Bulletin boards are powerful tools in K-8 classrooms.  They pair personality with functionality and, when featuring student work, provide incentive for students to do their best work.  Read on for tips and tricks to make the most of your time, space and resources. Creative Block? We all get creative block from time to time.  […]

New Products for Every Learning Space 2018

It’s worth glancing through these all-new products for every classroom in the school. From arts and crafts supplies to early childhood and educational technology, this year’s list of new products has a lot in store. New products can take an average classroom or lesson and turn it into something interactive and exciting. Check out […]

Your Classroom Holiday Wish List

The end of the first semester gives most teachers and students a sense of relief, as there’s a short break before the second semester begins. Getting the classroom ready to take on the rest of the academic year is an important part of returning to school, and we’ve gathered some useful inspiration for ways […]

12 First-Year Teacher Must-Haves

New teachers have a lot to learn, and a lot to buy. Many new teachers go into the first year trying to make sure they have all the important bases covered, and that might be enough, but why not use tips from seasoned veterans? Get your first teaching year under your belt with the […]

Classroom Laminating Dos and Don’ts

Lamination is a great way to keep school supplies looking good and lasting for years. It can, however, be expensive and time consuming. Since some schools have a budget or place limits on how many items teachers can laminate, teachers need to choose wisely regarding lamination. Here are some general laminating dos and don’ts for the […]

Tried & True Tips – May 2017

It is May and we are starting to wind down for the year. Every year at this time I start to reflect on what projects were great, which didn’t work so well, and how I did, teaching my students what they should know. Well, so far this year all has gone well from painting […]

Are You a Good Role Model for Your Students When It Comes to Healthy Behaviors?

While parents may be their children’s first role models, teachers and other school staff are also very influential in shaping students’ nutrition and physical activity behaviors. From kindergarten through high school, kids typically spend 6+ hours each day, 5 days a week, 180 days per year, at school. With that amount of time, teachers, […]