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Self-Care: It’s Not Just a Theory

Changing Your Perspective Self-care is one of the most important things for personal well-being, yet professionals often report struggling with incorporating self-care in their busy lifestyles. This struggle exists because there are aspects of self-care that get left out. Self-care is believed to be something that is done outside of work or when there […]

Motivating Students to Make Movement a Lifelong Priority

As students grow to become independent adults, there is a natural shift in priorities towards obligations, responsibilities, and a career. As priorities change, for many, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can fall to the wayside. As an adult influence on students’ experience with health and fitness, physical education teachers can play a key […]

New Products for Every Learning Space 2018

It’s worth glancing through these all-new products for every classroom in the school. From arts and crafts supplies to early childhood and educational technology, this year’s list of new products has a lot in store. New products can take an average classroom or lesson and turn it into something interactive and exciting. Check out […]

Real Teacher Tips for Classroom Games Students Love

Playing games in the classroom is an excellent way to increase engagement and motivate students to retain information. Prizes aren’t always necessary, and games also help to build relationships between students, which is a win for everyone involved. Check out these real teacher tips for playing classroom games that students love. Classroom Game Suggestions […]

12 First-Year Teacher Must-Haves

New teachers have a lot to learn, and a lot to buy. Many new teachers go into the first year trying to make sure they have all the important bases covered, and that might be enough, but why not use tips from seasoned veterans? Get your first teaching year under your belt with the […]

5 Back-to-School Tips and Ideas from Veteran Teachers

Back-to-school can be both an exciting and overwhelming time for teachers. There are several nuggets of advice that veteran teachers wished someone would have told them when first starting out. Here are five of them: 1. Organize Your Classroom as Soon as Possible Teachers need to organize their classrooms as soon as possible. For those who […]

How Educators Can Help Stop Summer Slide

On average, teachers spend the first three to six weeks of the new school year reviewing skills lost over summer break. Often, parents are unaware of the effects of summer slide, as illustrated by a 2014 poll by Reading is Fundamental that found only 17 percent of parents think reading should be a top […]

Countdown to Summer: Prepping for Fall

Sure, as you finally reach the long-awaited end of the school year, the last thing most teachers want to think about is starting a new one. But not only will your future self thank you for doing a little ahead-of-time legwork, you also might just enjoy your summer break more knowing that you’ve got […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Art Room Clean

The art room can feel like a crazy place, but that’s part of why you love it, right? Still, with the number of different kids you get to work with and the range of projects you get to teach them, it can be a lot to keep track of. Luckily, with a good system, you’ll […]