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A Teacher’s Reflection & Goals

The end of the school year can be filled with a flurry of activities leaving you a little dazed and feeling a little let down as you send your class on to the next teacher. But this is no time to waste energy on things you can’t change. Now is a great time to sit […]

Are You a Good Role Model for Your Students When It Comes to Healthy Behaviors?

While parents may be their children’s first role models, teachers and other school staff are also very influential in shaping nutritional and physical activity behaviors of students. From kindergarten through high school, kids typically spend 6+ hours each day, 5 days a week, 180 days a year, at school. With that amount of time, […]

Tried & True Tips – December 2016

Happy December! I know that we are all ready for our winter break to celebrate, and relax, rejuvenate, and start planning some great lessons for the new year. This month we will focus on textures, mixed media, and fiber arts. Knowing that fibers and fabrics have always had a purpose in every culture, we […]

Desk Organization Solutions

Most teachers face a common challenge: keeping their desks clean and organized. With all the student work, lesson plan paperwork, and other classroom supplies you deal with on a daily basis, it’s understandable that keeping your desk neat and clutter-free can be a challenge. 5 Ways to Organize Your Teacher’s Desk Fortunately, with a […]

Summer To Do List for Art Teachers

Summer is upon us. You made it through another school year and the next several weeks are your reward. Make the most of your down time with these twenty tips to help you compile your summer to do list. 20 Things All Art Teachers Should Do This Summer Sleep. Sleep in, sleep late, sleep […]

Tried & True Tips – June 2016

We made it through another school year and I’m sure many of you are already thinking about projects for next year. But before you get ahead of yourself, let’s finish off the year with a bang. Here are some great tips to get organized, clean up your room, and use up all of the […]

Daily Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy All Week Long

Teaching is an incredibly time-consuming job, and sometimes you’re so busy that there’s no time left over for yourself to eat right or get enough exercise. It can leave you totally stressed out. You can’t give your students your best without taking care of yourself, so it’s important to practice some self-care throughout the week — it can’t wait […]

10 Fun Ways to Rest, Relax and Recharge Over Winter Break

Start your countdown — Christmas vacation is almost here! Of course, you still have to get through holiday concerts, kids on a sugar high from all the cookies and candy, dealing with stressed-out parents and one big classroom party before you can get 2015 in the books, but it’s so close you can almost taste […]

Your Holiday Break Checklist So You Can Enjoy the Holidays

Students aren’t the only ones who look forward to the holiday break. Teachers and administrators also enjoy spending time with family and friends. Many educators spend part of the break preparing their classrooms for the return of students in January. A proactive approach will allow you to truly enjoy your holiday break while being […]

10 Tips for an Attitude Adjustment

The holidays are nearly here and odds are teachers are really ready for a break! Months of being “on”—giving your very best to every art class and every student every day—may have taken a toll on your attitude and maybe even your self-esteem. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, or just plain worn out heading […]

Tried & True Tips – December 2015

It is already December and I feel like I have barely touched the surface of the pile of lessons I have planned for this year. My middle-school students are excited about making art and that makes me even more excited and motivated to teach them, engage them, and turn them into critical thinkers and […]